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Green Policy
To conserve the ecosystem on earth and sustainable development, environmental protection and energy conservation have been Fong Yeong’s commitments. Fong Yeong has been making efforts to fulfill environmental protection, and believes that environmental protection can be implemented in daily life. We manufacture green products using recycled materials in order to improve greenhouse effect. Fong Yeong promotes recycled textile which is made by recycled
plastic bottles,ice cool textile and hot yarn textile. Ice cool yarn can achieve instantaneous cooling effect, so the temperature of the air conditioner can increase 1 Celsius which can save 4 to 5 percent of electricity and reduce carbon emission. Hot yarn textile can create and retain warmth. It can absorb body moisture and generate heat by itself. The hot yarn textile helps you set the thermostat a few degrees lower in the winter, which achieves saving energy and reducing CO2 emission. We not only pursuit comfortable and high quality products but also take environmental protection seriously for a more sustainable future.